Godzilla (2014): A mini-review

Godzilla 2014 Movie Poster



The world’s most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.




Ever since Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim first premiered last year, the ‘monster movie’ sub-genre has seen quite the revival boasted by encouraging responses from critics and audiences alike. This year’s monster movie of choice, Gareth Edwards’s Godzilla remake, looks to continue that surprising run as it too succeeds in delivering a superbly entertaining action film.

After the miserable failure of the 1998 reboot, many expected this latest Godzilla remake to flop and not live up to expectations but it does so, in spades. Edwards’s direction is top notch as his camera does an admirable job in bringing the massive action set-pieces to life and in a highly realistic manner, allowing his audience to be engaged and lose themselves to his intense and adrenaline-inducing film. There are also many actors who stood out for me in Godzilla: Bryan Cranston (Joe Brody) as the deranged man who goes to incredible lengths to uncover the ‘truth’; Ken Watanabe (Dr. Ishiro Serizawa) who depicts the caring scientist looking for a deeper meaning in all the chaos that has inflicted the world; Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Ford Brody) depicting Joe’s son who has long been scarred by his father’s psychotic episodes and looks to focus solely on the well-being of his young son and wife, the latter played very well by Elizabeth Olsen (Elle Brody).

Though the human characters still left some room for development, it is the special effects of the monsters that takes center stage here, and rightfully so. The visual effects team working with Edwards are able to give us viscerally-real and frightening monsters that strike the right amounts of fear and fascination with viewers; basically, the action scenes in Godzilla are nothing short of jaw-dropping. A lot of respect needs to be given to Edwards for the fact that he opts to build the tension with the audience and only revealing the monsters at the right moments, making all that wait and anticipation pay off in the best and most effective of ways. Simply put, Godzilla is a highly-entertaining summer blockbuster that is much more than just a continuous explosion of special effects. It is a really good movie.


MATM Rating:





Gareth Edwards





Outstanding performances:


  • Bryan Cranston (as Joe Brody)
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson (as Ford Brody)
  • Ken Watanabe (as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa)
  • Elizabeth Olsen (as Elle Brody)




2 hours and 3 minutes








Action / Adventure / Science-Fiction




Godzilla 2014 cinematography
Godzilla 2014 cinematography still 2
Godzilla 2014 Bryan Cranston Aaron Taylor-Johnson Joe Ford Brody
Godzilla 2014 Ken Watanabe
Godzilla 2014 cinematography still 3
Godzilla 2014 cinematography still 4



6 comments on “Godzilla (2014): A mini-review

  1. *********Comment contains minor spoilers***********

    AWESOME MOVIE I watched it last week. How they made Godzilla the beast that restores balance into this world which is what the original Japanese Godzilla was great and kind of respectful of the essence of thr myth. Only negative point for me was the performance of kick ass lol you can still see he is nowhere near the level of walter white or Ken

    • Thanks so much Bilal for the comment! I am happy you enjoyed the movie as much as I did too! 😀 Aaron was outshined by Cranston and Watanabe but I think he did a decent job. Thanks again my friend! 🙂

  2. What an amazing movie, Moe!

    *** Beware! minor Spoilers ***

    Finally a movie worthy of the King Of The Monsters, clearing a way the lame version from 1998. I love so many things about the movie starting from the directing and the eye-popping CGI. The acting was Ok considering having some gold which wasn’t perfectly or fully utilized >> Bryan Cranston.

    I can understand some of the negative voices who expected to watch something like Pacific Rim, where monsters and robots blast and rumble at each others most of the movie run time.

    As wrong as it might sound: I think having the family element in the movie wasn’t necessary, and I mean Ford’s family, his wife Elizabeth and his son, for me they were just a drag as if they were forced into the story.

    Anyways, I love the movie and if there is a sequel coming I will be very excited to watch it 😉

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  4. My favorite aspect of this movie is it seamlessly blends together “Natural disaster movie”, “War Movie”, and “Godzilla movie for Godzilla fans”. Gareth Edwards really seems to get it. My inner child and my adult lover of movies both appreciated this one! 🙂

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