DIFF 2013 | مهرجان دبي السينمائي الدولي 2013


It is finally that time of the year again. The week in which my love for movies goes to the extreme as I am washed away in a sea of magnificent, memorable, and brilliant films, courtesy of my hometown’s global festival, the Dubai International Film Festival.

This year packs yet another great combination of movies that I cannot wait to watch and review right here on Moe At The Movies! So, without further ado, below is my schedule for the 10th Dubai International Film Festival!

لقد حان الوقت مرة أخرى لمعايشة أفضل أسبوع في السنة. الأسبوع الذي يأخذ عشقي للأفلام إلى أقصى الحدود و يجرفني في بحر من الأفلام الرائعة و التي لا تنسى. إنه المهرجان السينمائي لمسقط رأسي، مهرجان دبي السينمائي الدولي

هذا العام يعدنا بمجموعة مميزة و جديدة من الأفلام التي أطوق لمشاهدتها و الكتابة عنها هنا في موقع مو و الأفلام! وفيما يلي جدولي لمهرجان دبي السينمائي الدولي العاشر

Saturday, 7th of December 2013

In Bloom (Grzeli Nateli Dgeebi) (Representing Georgia, Germany and France)


ILO ILO (Ba Ma Bu Zai Jia) (Representing Singapore)

Ilo Ilo Movie Poster

August: Osage County (Representing United States of America)


Sunday, 8th of December 2013

Tim’s Vermeer (Representing United States of America)


My Red Shoes (Representing France)

my red shoes

Monday, 9th of December 2013

12 Years A Slave (Representing United States of America)


Fruitvale Station (Representing United States of America)


Tuesday, 10th of December 2013

The Selfish Giant (Representing United Kingdom)

The Selfish Giant Movie Poster

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (Representing South Africa)


Wednesday, 11th of December 2013

Saving Mr. Banks (Representing Australia, United States of America and United Kingdom)


The Lunchbox (Representing France, Germany and India)


Thursday, 12th of December 2013

Unforgiven (Representing Japan)


Tenderness (Representing Belgium, France and Germany)


Nebraska (Representing United States of America)


Friday, 13th of December 2013

On My Way (Representing France)

on my way

Words and Pictures (Representing United States of America)


Saturday, 14th of December 2013

Walking with Dinosaurs (Representing United States of America)


Inside Llewyn Davis (Representing United States of America)



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