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What is a Great Film?

To me, a Great Film is one that makes the thought of not watching it again unbearable. It also needs to blow your mind and contain either outstanding Acting, Directing, Cinematography, Writing, Music, Costume Design, Special Effects, or a combination of all. Basically, a film can be very good but it needs those extra-special moments of magic. Those moments when you feel everything just clicks and you are watching a wonderful achievement in film making.

You will find lots of “great films” that will not be featured on my blog. I think that is fine since watching and liking movies is subjective anyways. However, I would be more than happy to engage in thoughtful movie debates with you!

MATM Reviews:

The reviews on Moe At The Movies! will be of two types: full-length essays and mini-reviews. The full-length reviews are around five to six paragraphs long and will contain my impressions of each film in detail. The mini-reviews, on the other hand, will be bite-sized reviews of Great Films. These are especially handy when you are looking to discover a Great Film quickly, without needing to read a long review. Moving forward, I will continue to add Great Films in both formats. In the meantime, you can choose whether to read through the full-length or mini-reviews of Great Films by clicking the review type you want below.

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5 comments on “Great Films | الأفلام العظيمة

  1. Love some of the films on your Great Films List. Did you see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version)? If so what did you think? What about Children of Men? Or House of Sand and Fog? If not, check em’ out! =) City of God, the Kill Bill Series, Matrix and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are on my list of great films too!


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