Roger Ebert | روجر إيبرت

Roger Ebert (1942-2013): A tribute

Click to read my tribute to the world's greatest film critic

Click to read my tribute to the world’s greatest film critic

Roger Ebert on Video

Roger Ebert’s Books


The Great Movies books:


The Great Movies books are the first film books I have ever owned. They contain all the most important and influential films in cinema history. They are the starting blocks for anyone interested in, and in love with, movies. All three volumes compliment each other. All together, you will find 300 movies that are considered masterpieces.


Four-Star Reviews 1967-2007:


This is another book of Ebert’s that is a fantastic reference. I agree with almost all of his four-star reviews of the films I have seen which are featured in this book. Amazingly, it contains every single four-star review he has done for nearly 40 years! A highly recommended book for film buffs.



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