Top 10 | أفضل 10

Top 10

I love making lists and my favorite are Top 10 lists. These range from a variety of genres, actors, directors and themes that interest me. Below you will find all the Top 10 lists currently available.

أنا أحب صنع القوائم و الأكثر تفضيلاً لي هي قوائم لأفضل 10 أفلام. هنا ستجدون قوائم متنوعة من الممثلين، والمخرجين ، والمواضيع التي تهمني و المتوفرة حاليا

By Decade:

Top 10 50s Films

Top 10 60s Films

Top 10 70s Films Top 10 80s Films
Top 10 90s Films

By Genre:

Top 10 Animation Films Top 10 Comedy Films
Top 10 Comedy Films of the 2000s Top 10 Crime Films
Top 10 Documentary Films Top 10 Fantasy Films
Top 10 Gangster Films Top 10 Horror Films
Top 10 Musical Films Top 10 Non-English Films (Asia)
Top 10 Non-English Films (Europe, excluding Spain) Top 10 Non-English Films (Spain and Latin America)
Top 10 Romance Films Top 10 Science-Fiction Films
Top 10 Sports Films Top 10 War Films

By Theme:

Top 10 Actor and Director Collaborations Top 10 Actors Who Turned Down Big Roles
Top 10 Book-to-Film Adaptations Top 10 Christmas Films
Top 10 Comic Book and Graphic Novel Adaptations Top 10 Coming Of Age Films
Top 10 Cult Classics Top 10 Directorial Debuts
Top 10 Epic Films Top 10 Feel-Good Films
Top 10 Film Quotes Top 10 Action Film Quotes
Top 10 Greatest Movie Villains Top 10 Hit Man / Assassination Films
Top 10 Oscars Snubs Best Picture Top 10 Road Trip Films
Top 10 Sequels Top 10 Single Location Films
Top 10 Trilogies Top 10 Underrated Disney Pictures
Top 10 Zombie Films


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